A look inside: Soaking food has been around for centuries, but we’re just starting to rediscover the power that soaking and activating has on plant-based ingredients. This is a key piece to HOLOS.

How do you build a breakfast that fits your active lifestyle, gives you lasting energy, and is ready for you the moment you wake up?

You soak it.

Though DIY overnight oats are everywhere right now, the soaking method used to activate grains, nuts and seeds has been around for hundreds of years. We now understand that this important step is needed in order to create a more nutrient dense, ready-for-you meal that helps you take on whatever the day brings.

Why soaking food is a key part of HOLOS success

Power of soaking

Coffee is great, but there’s no doubt that its boost has an expiration point. It simply can’t keep up with your daily activity levels and allow you to stay motivated and on task all day long.

You’re active and busy and in order to stay on top of your schedule you need to be fueled with food that is whole-food based, nutrient dense and incredibly convenient.

What makes HOLOS so unique is that this Super Breakfast is easier to digest, improves healthy gut bacteria and can be prepped the night before. This is done through the simple technique of soaking, which allows the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed better by your body. It also makes it easier for your food to be broken down and provides you with the kind of nutrition that keeps your fuel burning all day long.

4 benefits of soaking nuts, seeds and grains

Though our ancestors may not have studied the method of soaking and activating food, they did have a more intuitive approach that understood this method meant increased energy levels and less grain-associated digestive issues.

Since science has advanced, we can positively say that soaking food has plenty of benefits, which is exactly what makes HOLOS work so well.

1. Soaking Food Activates More Vitamins & Minerals

Certain plants, such as whole grains, were designed with the ability to protect themselves from being digested by mammals. These plants contain something called anti-nutrients and inhibit the human body to absorb certain nutrients that they contain. For example, oats contain something called phytic acid, which reduces our body’s ability to absorb minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium.

Soaking grains, nuts, seeds and legumes reduce the anti-nutrients and increase our digestive system’s ability to absorb and utilize the vitamins and minerals from these foods. The best part is that it takes less than 30 seconds in the evening to mix, leaving you with fully activated ingredients by the morning.

2. It Makes it Easier on Our Digestion

Having food that’s easy to digest is crucial to our active lives. We need instant fuel, food that doesn’t create a heavy feeling in our gut or leave us feeling bloated.

Phytic acid found in raw, whole oats can cause our bodies to work harder to digest due to the ability to block certain digestive enzymes.

HOLOS 3 step process involves soaking overnight, which reduces the phytic acid content and gives the meal a higher digestibility score. The result is a light-tasting meal with enough protein, fiber, complex carbs and nutrients to help you feel full and fueled at the same time without weighing you down.

3. Soaking Creates A Creamier Texture

The nutritional benefits are clear about soaking, but what about the taste and textural benefits?

The step of soaking HOLOS allows more liquid to be absorbed and plant starches to expand, which creates a meal that’s both creamy, smooth and incredibly palatable. It’s everything you want in a breakfast.

4. Much More Convenient Than Traditional Breakfasts

Being busy means finding meals that you don’t have to work for. Soaking food in the evening takes less than 30 seconds of your time and results in a superfood packed, nutritionally dense meal that’s ready for you the moment you wake up.

All you need to do is pour the packet contents into the HOLOS jar, add in your milk of choice, mix and let it sit in your fridge overnight. No stove, no toaster, no worries!

Soaking is so much more than activating ingredients, it’s ease, taste, texture and lightness and it’s what makes it such an essential part of HOLOS.

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