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An overnight muesli designed to give you extra morning time and long-lasting energy. Organic, vegan & gluten-free.

Live whole.

We’re inspired by breakfast because it symbolically reflects our intention for the day and, more broadly, our lives.

That’s why we’ve created the “Super-Breakfast”. By perfectly balancing nutrition, convenience, health, and taste, we’re bringing you the best of all worlds to support your modern & active lifestyle.

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The Super-Breakfast is a powerful blend of organic whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and dried fruits delivered straight to your door in pre-portioned pouches. Add to your jar, soak overnight and wake up to a creamy ’n crunchy muesli that will sustain you until lunch and provide energy all day long.

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Mike Murchison Catherine Simard Vincent Bergeron Karen Furneaux


" HOLOS has already become part of my daily routine. They've made it so easy and affordable for me to have a healthy, energy-dense breakfast that powers me through my day. "

Mike Murchison — Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 Under 30

" I love that HOLOS is so lightweight and quick to prepare. It feels good knowing that I’m nourishing my body with the absolute best ingredients possible. The same ingredients that will give the energy I need for my numerous hikes! "

Catherine Simard — Professional outdoor & nature photographer

" With my hectic schedule and fast-paced lifestyle, I need a source of energy that can fit into my routine and allow me to run at full speed while taking care of my health. HOLOS products are definitely the solution that allows me to get there and start the day off right! "

Vincent Bergeron — Lawyer, trademark agent & international conference speaker

" As a professional speaker, I travel and attend many conferences and meetings. I love to be well-prepared with my nutrition, especially my breakfasts! HOLOS is the absolute perfect solution for me since it’s easy to pack & prepare and it fuels me for the entire morning and keeps my energy running high! High quality ingredients, delicious flavours, strong nutrition. "

Karen Furneaux — 3x olympian, 2x world champion & international speaker
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“Named one of Canada’s innovators at the 2018 G7 Summit.”

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