Our Story

How it all started

Contributing to a healthier and happier world

At HOLOS, we believe that the healthier and happier we are, the healthier and happier our world is. In this new era, we want to encourage people to play a proactive role in their health, and in the health of the planet.

Derived from the Ancient Greek word holo ὅλος, meaning "whole" - HOLOS is about taking full responsibility for our overall health by making it a daily commitment. Eating right, exercising daily, going outside to breathe in some fresh air, socializing, sleeping well… It’s all about creating balance.

Live a holistic way of life, be grateful for what you were born with and live every day to the fullest — that’s the HOLOS way.

The Journey Behind HOLOS

Sam and Chris, the founders of HOLOS, are on the opposite ends of a spectrum.

Sam is a young and adventurous entrepreneur who spent years travelling for his business projects. These numerous trips ended up taking a toll on his body and mind, pushing him to search for solutions to these problems.

Chris is what we could call a "health nut" and a sports addict (he dreams of still being able to surf beyond 100 years old). He had just returned from British Columbia, where he studied Holistic Nutrition at the Canada School of Natural Nutrition, when his path collided with Sams.

Chris introduced Sam to his holistic lifestyle — initially by giving him simple tips on what to implement to optimize health, and eventually sharing the recipe for his "super breakfast".

Sam fell in love with Chris’s concoction and saw an opportunity to use his business acumen to help him share his recipe to the world . This was the beginning of a partnership and one of the biggest adventures either of them would ever embark upon. HOLOS was born.

Shortly after, Charles discovered HOLOS on his own. Inspired by the product and brand mission, he pursued meeting Sam and Chris. His background in finance and management along with his organic passion for HOLOS made him the perfect fit to help launch HOLOS across Canada and beyond.