You might be spending Easter in quarantine, but this year we have an extra special recipe for you: HOLOS Easter Creme Egg! One of the most popular Easter candies, turned HOLOS… in the most spectacular way.

We’re making our HOLOS cocoa pack extra chocolatey and combining it with yogurt and a hint of maple sugar to give you that amazing creme egg taste. Use a hint of turmeric for a pop of colour (and some amazing nutritional benefits) and treat yourself with a mini creme egg on top! The best Easter treat that will fill you up and keep you satisfied! No excessive Easter sweets necessary.

We hope everyone takes a moment to enjoy the little things this Easter.


Serves 4



  1. Mix HOLOS pouches with the milk and let it sit for a few hours to overnight.
  2. Once your HOLOS are soaked, add the cacao powder and mix together.
  3. Portion the HOLOS Cocoa in two seperate HOLOS jars.
  4. To create the layers, mix the maple sugar with the yogurt in a bowl until combined (start with ¼ cup and slowly add more if you prefer a sweeter taste). Split half the yogurt content in one bowl and add the turmeric and mix until yellow.
  5. Layer the HOLOS with regular yogurt, then with a layer of yellow tumeric yogurt.
  6. Serve with a mini creme egg to treat yourself.

HOLOS Creme Egg HOLOS Creme Egg from top


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