The first 100% HOLOS docu-film: it’s been five months in the making and it’s finally time to share a new kind of HOLOS treat, something sweet for the eyes and substance for the soul.

In the midst of a summer riddled with uncertainty, Jean-François (Jeff) Cauchon, one of Canada’s top ultra runners’ attempts to set a new world record. Jeff’s grounded resilience fuels his epic ambitions to break the current record for Greatest Elevation Gain on Foot in 24 Hours.

“No one’s going to tell you what your limit is, it’s up to you to find out.”

—Jeff Cauchon

In this Short Docu-Film, we follow Jeff’s mighty efforts and unveil the events leading up to his world record challenge day and disclose the cascading events that proceed. Physically and mentally strong, Jeff’s actions reveal his level headed approach to a slightly insane objective. answers from the woods exposes the refined preparation, desired mental state, and established coping mechanisms a person of this athletic calibre must hold. Persistence, pain, progress - the ultra runners’ addiction is the sweaty sweet reward of shattering any type of record - this is a rare opportunity to see the never-ending trail that is inside the mind of an ultra runner.

The whole HOLOS team is very passionate about filmmaking, especially our co-founder Samuel T. Scofy who directed and produced this film. He shares:

“Jeff has been an established HOLOS customer for years, with a natural love for the product and living the HOLOS mentality, it was natural for us too to jump on the opportunity to support him for his “craziest challenge to date” when he presented it to us. The idea at the start was to do a recap video of the 24-hour event but as you can see, it turned out to be much more than this. Over the summer I formed an emotionally deep but physically distant connection to the Cauchon family—learning about their origin story as well as watching them work as a team made me want to capture so much more. The story to be told was much bigger than a 24-hour event. To me, answers from the woods is the perfect balance of a humanistic family docu portrait with the cinematic punch of an epic, world record attempt. It took me (working with talent from all across the globe) about half a year to capture and produce something that reflects the true determination and beauty of the Cauchon family’s character, and I am extremely proud to present this to you today.”

Cauchon: Answers from the woods event photos set 1Photos: Alexis Marin

Cauchon: Answers from the woods event photos set 2Photos: Alexis Marin


  • Starring Jean-François Cauchon, Elisabeth Cauchon & family
  • Directed & produced by Samuel T. Scofy
  • Cinematography by Antoine Caron
  • Edited by Louis Chevalier-Dagenais
  • Original score composed by Samuel Labrecque
  • Original score produced by Samuel T. Scofy
  • Sound design & mix by Victor Hardy Jeghers
  • Colouring by Messingwithue
  • Medical illustration by Travis Vermilye
  • Motion design by Lyon & Lyon
  • Additional footage by:
    • Zac Turgeon
    • Charles Sansregret
    • Marianne Hogan
    • Alexis Malin (Drone)
    • Vincent Champagne
  • Wordmark & artwork by Studio Reko
  • Copy by Samuel T. Scofy, Abby Cooper & Ariane Tisseur.

Know what else we’re passionate about?! We’re also passionate about YOU and what you do. Our product is about mindful nutrition so that YOU can be set up to live your best life. The idea behind this first of many short docu-films is to showcase the curious and ambitious humans that insure us - people just like YOU.

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