The Magic of the Chic-Chocs: A 15-Year Backcountry-skiing Tradition

Discover the Chic-Chocs: A hidden skiing paradise in Québec, unveiled by our CEO Charles and fueled by HOLOS.
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The Magic of the Chic-Chocs: A 15-Year Backcountry-skiing Tradition

Nestled in the heart of Eastern Québec, the Chic-Choc Mountains emerge as a hidden paradise under a thick blanket of snow each winter. Part of the Gaspé Peninsula and an extension of the Appalachian chain, these mountains offer one of the best backcountry skiing experiences in Eastern Canada, rising up to 1200 meters above the south shore of the St Lawrence River. As the landscape transforms, adventurers are drawn to this premier destination, seeking the thrill of untamed slopes and the serenity of untouched wilderness.

Guiding you through this enchanting journey is Charles, our CEO and the heart behind this enduring tradition:

For fifteen years, these mountains have been the backdrop to an annual pilgrimage that transcends a simple backcountry ski trip, evolving into a cherished tradition with my spouse and a close-knit group of friends who have become like family.

This year’s trip to the Chic-Chocs was particularly special, marking the debut of our new HOLOS nutrition bars, packed with 15g of protein, perfect for fuelling our mountain adventures. This Winter season was marked by particularly little snow in the region, but we were hopeful that we would find virgin snow with some perseverance, given the recent snowfalls a few days before our arrival.

As the sun peeked over the hills, we savoured our HOLOS Overnight Muesli, a morning ritual that has powered our days of skiing and exploration. The addition of the HOLOS organic nutrition bars meant we could extend our days on the slopes, pushing further into the backcountry with sustained energy.

Navigating the rugged terrain, dealing with changing weather conditions, and ensuring safety in remote areas are all part of the adventure. Yet, amidst these challenges, our group finds joy and a deep sense of connection, not only with nature but with each other, reinforcing bonds that have been strengthened over years of shared experiences. Lucky for us, we did find a few lines with fresh snow by venturing further into the Mine Madeline sector.

As we pack up our gear and say goodbye to the Chic-Chocs for another year, we carry with us not just the memories of the slopes conquered but the anticipation of next year’s return to this winter wonderland that has become a vital part of our lives.