At HOLOS, it is part of our mission to educate others on the importance of nurturing a balanced, healthy outlook on food while having a little fun along the way. This 4-part series will explore the history, controversy, and understanding of the world of carbs.

But why “The War on Carbs”? Carbohydrate is a controversial word. Fads prey on it. Athletes thrive off of them. Where do you sit on the carb spectrum? No need to decide right now. Let’s just say, we get it, carbs often have a societal bad rap yet science proves otherwise and it’s confusing to navigate.

Curious about the polarizing views, we dove deep into all things carbs. How were carbs perceived prior to the media? How has that evolved? How does our body actually use carbs? Do carbs make you fat? Are you dumber without carbs? We asked a lot of questions and in return, got a lot of answers from nutritionists, scientists and from research studies which we summed up in this four-part series.

Kick-off your carb investigation with some foundational knowledge in The War on Carbs Part 1 “Carbs, Culture, and You.”

Ready for the conflict? Read The War on Carbs Part two “Digesting the Carb Controversy.”

Craving more carbs? Find out, “Do You Actually Need Carbs?”

Wrap up your investigation by learning “How to Harness the Power of Carbs.”


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