Canadian Packaging Magazine

What a surprise and honour to see HOLOS on the cover of Canadian Packaging Magazine and a feature article about yours truly to boot! Our initiative to challenge the status quo in the food industry by pursuing packaging that is #2 and 100% recyclable was no easy task - we’re grateful for the opportunity to share our journey in Canadian Packaging Magazine.
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Canadian Packaging Magazine May 2021: HOLOS Cover + Feature Story

What an unexpected moment worth celebrating!

We’re always asking ourselves as a brand, how can we make a difference and how can we do better?  While we constantly evolve (thanks to the self-induced pressure cooker process we pursue), one initiative, in particular, is making waves in the media right now - our new packaging. Our pursuit to rattle the food industry standard on recyclability is making headlines.

Canadian Packaging Magazine

Most of the “recyclable” packaging out there is #7, which according to the Plastic Action Centre is “difficult to break down” - this didn’t sit well with us. So, we challenged that norm and pursued packaging that met the #2 recyclable label standards. #2 is accepted worldwide because it is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle. After rigorous research and testing, we found the perfect fit for preservation, recyclability and a package that is made in Canada. Certainly not the path of least resistance, but one that we knew we needed to forge. “Our goal is to educate and inspire people to consume foods that constitute an investment in their health and their families health.” - Sam T. Scofy.

This feature focuses on our journey to find “the perfect packaging” while also exploring our ethos - who we are at HOLOS and where we came from. It gets to our core. As for that happy guy on the cover? That is our co-founder and CMO Sam. He shares:

“I finally get to share my pandemic hair update with the nation, thanks to Canadian Packaging. 😉 In all seriousness, I'm so incredibly proud of what our small team pulled off last year while pursuing fast paced growth and simultaneously in the middle of a pandemic riddled with uncertainty. To make the Canadian Packaging Magazine cover is truly a great symbol of that effort, or as we say, the cherry on top. This is by no means the end of our journey to refine our holistic approach in everything we do.”

We always want to challenge what is acceptable, because we think we as a whole can do better than “acceptable.” We are grounded on the principle that a healthier planet means a healthier you, and vice versa we continue to make ripples of change in all that we do.

Want to read it first hand? Find the digital copy here for the peeping.