Derived from the Ancient Greek word holo
ὅλος, meaning "whole".

At HOLOS, ‘whole’ means striving to have the best of all worlds while staying in balance. We believe that only once you’ve reached balance, can you truly unlock your full potential.

We’re inspired by breakfast because it symbolically reflects our intention for the day and, more broadly, our lives. Despite its importance, people usually treat breakfast as their least important meal of the day. We know finding time to eat in the morning is tricky and most quick, convenient foods are unhealthy, but breakfast has been neglected for far too long.

That’s why we’ve created the “Super-Breakfast”. By perfectly balancing nutrition, convenience, health, and taste, we’re bringing you the best of all worlds to support your modern & active lifestyle.

A day that begins with HOLOS is a day with more potential. We get up every day so you can make full use of yours.

What’s your reason for getting up each morning?

We found ours.

We’d love to hear yours. #liveholos

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own your day.

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