*Some information is valid during pre-order only.

Section 1 - General Information

How does pre-order work?

Since we are currently in the pre-order phase, the estimated delivery time is between 2 to 3 days. We will do everything that is in our power to ensure that you receive your HOLOS order as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate your support and patience during this pre-order period, which is why we will be offering free shipping to every customer. Once the pre-order period will be terminated and the website fully running, you will be able to place your orders as “one-time” purchases or in the form of monthly subscriptions with standard delivery time.

How do you justify the longer than usual time for shipping your products?

We promise our customers to make sure that the expedition of their HOLOS is done as soon as possible. However, we must take into account some of the delays which are caused by aspects that are difficult to control, considering the fact that we are presently in the pre-launch phase. Some of these aspects include: Receiving the packaging, setting up the production facility, finalizing the organic certification process and producing as well as assembling all of the products.

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in our own production facility in order to maintain the highest quality standards possible. Furthermore, we abide by the standards of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec, and are certified by Ecocert Canada.  

Is it possible to send your product as a gift card?

Yes! Please send us an email to contact@liveholos.com for more information.

Section 2 - Product Information

What is the quantity per pouch?

Each of our individual mixes are 90g and are considered to be a complete breakfast.

I have allergies, can I consume your product?

All of our products are certified organic and are made with gluten-free as well as vegan ingredients only. This being said, some of our products contain peanuts and coconut and all of our products are manufactured in a facility which processes both peanuts and coconut.

I have a vegan diet, can I eat your products?

Yes! Every ingredients in HOLOS are plant based with the exception of our probiotics, which still remain vegan.

I am gluten free intolerant, can I eat your products?

Yes! Every HOLOS products are made with gluten-free ingredients.

How do I make my HOLOS?

Simply add your base liquid of choice up to the specified line on your HOLOS jar. You may use any milk of choice, or even mix it with yogurt! You may also use water. Once this is done, put your jar in the fridge and let it soak overnight. In the morning, you may personalize it by adding any choice of fruits or toppings.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our breakfasts can be preserved for up to 8 months at room temperature, as long as the pouch is sealed. Once you have added your liquid base, we advise that you eat it the following day. If not, it can be consumed up to 3 days after, if properly refrigerated.

Section 3 - Payments

When will the payment on my credit card be taken since you are in pre-launch?

Payment will be taken from your credit card the moment you have placed your order.

How will subscription work?`

Once the pre-order period ends, you will be able to subscribe for a monthly delivery of 12, 24 or 48 super-breakfasts (skip and cancel at any time). You will still have the option to do one-time purchases.

Section 4 - Logistics and delivery

What happens if I’m not home?

If the package cannot be left in a safe place, the delivery company will leave a card in your mailbox, which can be used in order to pick up your parcel at the nearest post office. To avoid having to make several trips, we advise that you have your boxes delivered directly to your office, if possible.

Can I pickup my package at your location?

Since we want to avoid any risks of contamination, there will be no possibility for pick ups at our location.

How much does shipping cost?

During pre-order, all deliveries (in Canada only) are free!

Is it possible to track my package during shipment?

Yes. For each order, we will provide you with a tracking number by email.

Do you accept returns?

During the pre-order period, we will accept returns only if only one bag is opened. The amount that will be refunded to you will be the total value of your products excluding delivery. For return shipping charges, they will be at your expenses. For the functioning of the returns, you will have to contact us first of all at the email address: contact@liveholos.com. Once you have received the return confirmation email, you will need to send the package to the following address:

HOLOS / Entrepro AMD

1440 Rue Joliot-Curie

Boucherville, QC J4B 7L9

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